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The Region at A Glance



Area: 16.91 square kilometer

Number of Districts: 6

Number of Sectors: 13

Population: 248,048

Number of Families: 72,148

Commuting Population: 1,400,000

Directional Extensions

North: To Enghelab street, the span between Kalej intersection and Imam Hossein roundabout, included spots:  Fedosi, Piche Shemiran, Lalezaar, Pol Choubi, Imam Hossein

South: To Shoosh street, the span between Vahdat Eslami and Shoosh roundabout, included spots:  Jahan Pahlevan Takhti St., Yakhchaal, Harandi roundabout, Shoosh roundabout

West: To Hafez and Vahdat Eslami streets, the span between Kalej intersection and SHoosh, included spots:  Hassan Abaad historical roundabout (Hasht Gonbadaan), Abousaeed intersection, Vahdat Eslami roundabout

East: To Efdah Shahrivar street, the span between and Imam Hossein roundabout and shoosh roundabout, included spots:  Khorasaan roundabout, Martyr Kafaee Amaani St., Khorshid St., Mojahedin St., Amir Kabir underground crossing and Martyr Mahalati expressway